What is FRVNT?

Good question. FRVNT is an app for sharing prayers. By that, we mean it's a place for you to store all of the things that you're praying for and share those things with your friends and family. FRVNT is a simple tool that allows you to effortlessly enter your prayer requests to be a daily reminder to pray for those things. Easy enough, right?

Who is FRVNT for?

Now, if you're like us, then you often forget about all of those answered prayers that you've seen throughout your life. With FRVNT, you can mark your prayers as answered, and those prayers are sorted for you to be reminded and encouraged of all that God has done in your life. This is by far one of our favorite features.

Now with FRVNT you can also create a group to share your prayers with. Within a group, your prayers are identified by your name and you can quickly and easily share prayer requests, or be notified of friends who need prayer. There is no better way for groups to connect through prayer than with FRVNT.

Do you consider yourself a "prayer warrior"? Do you love to pray for others? You can anonymously make your own prayers available to the public, as well as view others publically available prayers. You can even let the requestor know that you're praying for him/her by clicking on the Join In Prayer button. Do all of this with anonymity, as prayer isn't about gossip, but rather communion with our Maker.

Will my name be associated with my prayers?

Great question. No, it will not. Your prayers entered are only for you to see. If you decide to share a prayer publically, that prayer is shared anonymously. You can feel comfortable being open and honest about what you ask for prayer for. If you do however create a group and invite some friends to join that group, then your prayers WILL have you name associated with them. This is so that your friends know who the prayer request is for. At any time you can add or remove a prayer from a group and it will go back to being visible to only yourself.

If I sign up with Facebook, will it post to my wall?

If you use Facebook to create an account or login to an account on FRVNT we will not post anything to your Facebook wall. We simply added that feature to make it quick and easy to login to your FRVNT account. You can feel safe knowing that we will never post anything to Facebook.

What does FRVNT cost?

FRVNT is absolutely free to use. We built it for our own use, and now we've opened it up to anyone and everyone.

How do I join?

Easy. Click here to create an account on FRVNT. We send you an email to confirm that you are who you say you are, then you are set. You can literally get started within a minute or so. Everything you do on FRVNT is anonymous, and we value your anonymity -- so you can feel safe and comfortable using a tool like FRVNT.