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Sharing prayers has never been this easy.

Create Groups

Create a group, add your family and friends, and start sharing your prayer requests within minutes. Create as many groups as you'd like.

Instant notification

Whether it's an email or a notification on your iOS device, never miss when someone in your group is praying for you.

Join others in prayer

Stay connected with the needs of your friends and family by joining with them in prayer. You can also pray with thousands of others around the world.

Start conversations

Sometimes you need to say more than "I'm praying for you." Send your friends a follow up message to let them know you're with them.

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Take your prayers with you, wherever you go.

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Never forget a prayer request

Ever have a friend ask for prayer and later on that same day you forget what they asked for? No more. Simply jot down their prayer in FRVNT as they’re telling you.

Instant updates

Our phones are with us everywhere, so why not get instant notifications when someone is praying for you or someone in your group needs prayer? With FRVNT for iOS, you can.

Maximize your time

Have downtime in traffic? Waiting to get your oil changed? Sitting in a waiting room somewhere? Spend that time in prayer using FRVNT to remember who to pray for and encourage them with your prayers.

Looking for a personal prayer journal?

Receive encouragement

Go through your list of past and current prayers to see how you have been blessed.

Share with the world

Share your prayers with the entire FRVNT community. The body of Christ in action, around the world.

Share with multiple groups

With the click of a button, you can share a single prayer to multiple groups. It's as easy to share as it is to keep things private.

Sort your prayers

Quickly sort between answered and unanswered prayers. Jump between groups or into the public prayers list to see prayers from around the world.

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